Adit Gupta

Web redesign

Reimagined Flipkart’s web experience across all core touchpoints like navigation, browse, search, checkout and support.

Bicycle AI

Enterprise tool that improves KPIs for support and sales teams by automating responses & workflows. (YC W’17)

Flipkart Supermart

A new business launch for groceries in Flipkart to improve units, order value and repeat customers.

Design system

Building a singular design system for all our mobile platforms to reduce fragmentation & enable cross-platform development.

Designed the rentals product search and discovery focussed on authentic photos and the Indian customer.

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I’m a designer based in Bangalore, India building products for the next billion internet users. Solving fundamental problems at scale drives me each day.

At Flipkart, I’m currently leading the design team for core experiences like search, discovery, navigation and recommendations. I’ve also previously led the checkout and payments experience across all our platforms.

In my free time, I'm typically hustling a side-project or helping early startups with design direction.